Cultivating Resilience has moved
πŸ–Ό Sweat Therapy (Scotch & Bean) + πŸ‘‰ Bilal Mahmood for State Assembly
πŸ–Ό Scotch & Bean 030 - Monkey Mind + πŸ‘‰ Musings & Perspectives (newsletter)
πŸ–Ό Premature Optimization (Scotch & Bean) + πŸ‘‰ ADHD 2.0 (a guide for the hyperactive)
πŸ–Ό Recover (Scotch & Bean) + πŸ‘‰ What else is true?
πŸ–Ό Mistakes were made (Scotch & Bean) + πŸ‘‰ Hypefury (Twitter Posting Client)
πŸ–Ό Extra Work (Scotch & Bean 019) + πŸ‘‰ Minimal Flat Avatars
πŸ–Ό 9/11 Ad Council Ad - 20 Years Later + πŸ‘‰ Tokimeki (Twitter Unfollow App)
πŸ–Ό Onboarding (Scotch & Bean) & πŸ‘‰ (podcasting tool)I
πŸ–Ό Office Perks (Scotch & Bean) + πŸ‘‰ Shang Chiβ€”The Legend of the Ten Rings
πŸ–Ό Yacht Party + πŸ‘‰ "Run It" from Marvel's Shang Chi
πŸ–Ό Lessons Learned (Scotch & Bean) + πŸ‘‰ Flow Club (focused virtual coworking)